Our Programs

The Nutrition Resource Centre (NRC) works to ensure the effective dissemination and implementation of several provincial nutrition promotion programs and resources. At present, the NRC manages the following provincial nutrition programs:

We support each of the programs and resources in several ways, including:
  • Assisting with program implementation or starting up a new program
  • Material distribution
  • Maintaining and updating program materials and resources
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Providing updates about key developments in the field of community nutrition.

Ontario Public Health Standards

Our programs meet the requirements outlined in the new Public Health Standards. See Nutrition Resource Centre Programs mapped to the Ontario Public Health Standards (2010) [PDF: 459 KB].

  • Colour It Up Program Coordinator: Sarah Evason RD
  • Colour It Up / Plus de couleur is a community-based, behaviour-change program designed to promote increased vegetable and fruit consumption to women between the ages of 19-50 and their families.
  • JUST RELEASED! Read the first issue of Colour It Up's 2-page newsletter to find out what's new in the program. Also in this issue, Colour It Up announces Colour It Up 50+, addressing issues and topics that are of most interest to women over 50. [PDF: 112 KB]
  • Colour It Up Program Materials:
    • Program materials and promotional items are available in English and French.
    • All programm materials are available electronically on the Colour It Up website (a facilitator's login is required).
    • Print copies of the Colour It Up Leader's Manual, as well as promotional materials for participants, are available for a reasonable cost, plus shipping fees, from the NRC.
    • Order Form for Colour It Up Leader's Manual and Promotional Items [PDF: 146 KB]

  • Community Food Advisor Program Coordinator:Elizabeth Smith RD
  • The Community Food Advisor Program is a volunteer-based peer education program.
  • Volunteers are trained to provide reliable information and education to promote safe and nutritious food selection, preparation, and storage to consumers in Ontario.
  • There are currently 16 sites throughout Ontario with close to 400 volunteers participating.
  • Read the latest issue of The Advisor, the newsletter for the Community Food Advisor Program. [PDF: 1591 KB]

  • Eat Smart!® Recreation Centre Program Coordinator: Mary Ellen Prange RD
  • Eat Smart!® / À votre santé!® is an award program that recognizes and promotes schools, workplaces and recreation centres that meet exceptional standards in healthy food choices, safe food handling and 100% smoke-free environment.

  • NutriSTEP® Program Coordinator: Lee Rysdale RD
  • NutriSTEP® is a parent education and skill-building program. NutriSTEP® (Nutrition Screening Tool for Every Preschooler) is a fast and simple way to assess eating habits and identify nutrition problems early, including growth and overweight issues. It includes a parent-administered 17-item questionnaire covering the nutritional risk constructs for the preschool population (3-5 years):
    • food and nutrient intake,
    • physical growth, developmental and physical capabilities,
    • physical activity,
    • food security and the feeding environment.

  • Program Report
    • Check out the March 2011 Program Report for a comprehensive overview of the program and its achievements as well as provincial strategic priorities. Feel free to disseminate electronic versions of this report. A dissemination plan for a limited quantity of print copies will be determined by the NutriSTEP® Provincial Advisory Committee in spring 2011.

  • Ontario Public Health Unit Needs Assessment Results-September 2011
    • In mid June 2011, 36 Registered Dietitians (one from each Ontario Public Health Unit) were contacted with an email request to complete a short (online) NutriSTEP® needs assessment survey. The survey was open for 7 weeks, during which time 35 of the 36 health units responded to the survey. A summary of the results are now available: Download NutriSTEP Needs Assessment Report Sept 2011

  • Webcasts:
  • Registered Dietitians at EatRight Ontario are available to provide nutrition advice to parents who have completed the NutriSTEP® questionnaire. Call toll-free 1-877-510-510-2 or email your question to EatRight Ontario.

NutriSTEP® Brochure

Copies of the brochure are available free of charge from the NRC.
Email or fax your Order Form to the Nutrition Resource Centre.

Last Updated: March 30, 2012.