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School Food and Beverage Policy Resources

  • This six-page guide provides an overview of Ontarioís School Food and Beverage Policy. The intended audiences are parents and students in intermediate and secondary levels.
    [PDF: 1420 KB]
  • Bake It Up! includes over 20 recipes for healthier baked goods that comply with the Ministry of Educationís School Food and Beverage Policy. It can be used by parents, students, school councils, community volunteers and school staff for making baked goods to be sold in schools. Bake It Up! can also be promoted to staff, students and parents who wish to make healthier baked goods for school events or classroom celebrations, or to enjoy at home.
    [PDF: 2472 KB]

Healthy Eating and Active Living Resources

Developed by the Nutrition Resource Centre as part of Ontario's Action Plan for Healthy Eating and Active Living, these resources aim to assist families, caregivers and professionals to support healthy eating and physical activity in the early years.
  • BusyBodies offer creative food and play ideas for
    preschoolers ages 3 to 5 (February 2007)
    [PDF: 2741 KB]

  • Eat Right Be Active: A guide for parents and caregivers of toddlers 12-36 months (October 2009)
    [PDF: 1142 KB]

Fuel Up For Fun

The "Eat Right Be Active" resource for children 6 to 8 Years Old
  • Fall issue
    [PDF: 1719 KB]
  • Winter issue
    [PDF: 1460 KB]
  • Spring/Summer issue
    [PDF: 1843 KB]

Healthy Eating resources for pregnant women and young children

  • Healthy Eating for a Healthy Baby - Developed by the Best Start Resource Centre and the Nutrition Resource Centre (revised 2010). This 36-page booklet provides information for pregnant women on nutrition in pregnancy. It addresses current concerns and questions, such as alcohol and fish consumption, food safety, weight gain, and physical activity. A nutrition quiz, charts and recipes are also included. Available in print and PDF. To order print copies, contact the Best Start Resource Centre.
    [PDF: 7988 KB]
  • Feeding Your Baby: From Six Months to One Year (2009) - A resource adapted from Peel Public Health, is designed to help parents introduce their infants to solid foods. Developed in collaboration with Best Start, Ontario's Maternal, Newborn and Early Childhood Development Resource Centre. Print copies may be ordered from Best Start.
    [PDF: 3532 KB]
  • How to Feed Your Growing Child (January 2009) - A resource developed in collaboration with Best Start, which provides information on feeding children from age two to five.
    [PDF: 937 KB]
  • How to Build a Healthy Preschooler (2009) - An educational resource that is part of the NutriSTEP® (Nutrition Screening Tool for Every Preschooler) Program. It provides information on feeding children from age three to five.

    Visit the NutriSTEP® website for more information on the program.
    [PDF: 389 KB]

Healthy Measures

  • Healthy Measures introduces new ways for women to measure their health and also promotes new, healthier measures or steps that women can take to better their health, without focusing on weight loss. The website provides resources for consumers and health professionals.

Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging

  • Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging (July 2003) A nutrition education kit for community leaders interested in helping older adults learn about healthy eating. See "French Resources" for the booklet and handouts in French. See "Resources in Other Lanuages" for the Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging handouts in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese.
    [PDF: 1841 KB]
  • Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging: Set of ten handouts (Colour files)
    [PDF: 1721 KB]

  • Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging: Set of ten handouts (Black and white files)
    [PDF: 677 KB]
  • Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging (Presentation)
    [PDF: 3477 KB]
  • Nutrition and Health for Older Adults (Presentationb)
    [PDF: 1841 KB]
  • Shopping for One or Two (Presentation) [PDF: 3243 KB]

Health Promotion and Nutrition

Cultural Food Guide CD-ROM

[PDF: 200 KB]

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